Meet our Team (Betenemy for India)

Why We Created Betenemy

The reason behind our decision to set up the website Betenemy lies in the fact that our professional and experienced team has in-depth knowledge of bookmakers, stakes and various sports. We decided to put our expertise into practice by creating Betenemy. It is our firm belief that our website will benefit every betting enthusiast whether they are rookies in the online gambling world or have years of experience under their belts. To share reliable and helpful tips about online sports betting and casino games with our readers we spent long hours researching and compiling valid and useful information.

Our Aim

What Betenemy and the people behind it strive to achieve is representing accurate and comprehensive information regarding every bookmaker, bonus, mobile app or casino available on the online market. It is our goal to study and present all services available to players in an accessible and easy-to-understand way. We put much thought and effort into developing informative content and up to date with any changes and innovations in the industry.

Above all, we aim at delivering a complete guide tool that focuses on all aspects surrounding the iGaming market. As a result, you can find a wide range of review and other useful materials on our site, including several guides and betting strategies tips, football predictions, news for top bookmakers, and many more. We believe that by visiting our portal, you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in all your betting endeavors.

Why Trust Us

It wouldn’t be hard to find portals on the Internet similar to ours. By choosing Betenemy, though, you can rest assured that the information you’ll find here is reliable and unbiased. We try to present the fact objectively and giving as many details as possible. If you are having a hard time deciding on the most suitable betting site for you, take a look at our expert reviews as you will be sure to come across many that meet your high expectations. With an extensive background in the area of online gambling, our team consists of true professionals who are always eager to acquire new skills and knowledge. Our thirst for development and continual improvement means we consistently deliver high-quality content to our readers.

Everyone from Betenemy’s team hopes you have the best experience on our site.